Arts and Sciences

The mural IS 281’s  students created in their after school NIA Program is currently being displayed at The Brick Showcase in Downtown Brooklyn.  The design was student created around the themes of diversity, excellence and equality.  Special thanks to Mr. Richtback, their NIA Program Director and Ms. Patel, NIA’s teaching artist.  The mural will be brought back to Cavallaro and hung in the main lobby with pride.


On June 2, 2018, Stephanie Romo, NIA Director in PS 212 along with  school counselors and over 30 students traveled to Manhattan for the amazing experience of seeing Lion King on Broadway.   Thank you, NIA for helping bring an even greater appreciation and respect for the Arts to PS  212!


PS 100’s 5th grade students preform West Side Story.



The Robotics team of Joseph B. Cavallaro I.S. 281 competed in the Navy Sea Perch Underwater Robotics competition on April 15th at City College. The competition was focused on water conservation. Out of the 35 teams competing, the Cavallaro Tech Toads won 1st place in the underwater robot obstacle course, with the fastest time of 1.56 minutes.  They tied for 2nd place in the challenge and presentation, missing first place overall by only 1 point. Last year, the Tech Toads won the championship having the opportunity to compete nationally at Georgia Tech University. Still in all, we are very proud of the work the students of Cavallaro are doing around STEM technology.




Mark Twain students recreate author’s new book through artistic performances.




Annual Math and Science Night at Seth Low was a fun filled event! Families participated in different hands-on learning activities, experiments, and STEM games. Thank you to The Hall of Science, Seth Low’s partner through Urban Advantage  for providing the evenings activities.


Families of David A. Boody  enjoyed an evening filled with science, technology, engineering and math. STEM Night was a huge success.



Congratulations to I.S. 98


Bay Academy celebrates2017

Bay Academy Winter Show 2017

Weather Watch

By Amelia Sambone

Thunder and lightning have nothing on The Bay Academy Science department! In just a few months you will be able to tune into the new and improved weather station!

Bay Academy had previously used a weather station, however, the old system had become outdated. The new weather station will be installed onto the roof of the school building. Science Talent classes will use the new system to collect weather data.  As all students from the science department will be taking part in this program,  Dr. Cubbin states “We’ll be able to access daily weather and weather trends and weather patterns from around the world. We will be sending our data to a site called”. From that, the entire school, as well as participating schools around the world, will be able to access our data in real time.  If you have ever seen people that have done exit projects with weather pattern charts, that’s exactly what the Science Talent will be creating. Dr. Cubbin later adds, “This will be throughout the entire science department, so every science teacher, in reality, everybody who has a laptop in the school, can download the software and they can use the software to gather the data.” So even you can get involved in the program! Curious to see how the station works? It’s actually very simple. The equipment uses a wifi signal, samples the weather and sends the findings to the computers in our school. For more information about the weather system visit Dr. Cubbin and Ms. Katz as they are certified, global instructors.



Congratulations to  “288 Eagles Steppers” and their coaches for taking third place in the Stomp the Violence showcase.22539864_1915037768760673_681770456280791594_n.jpg



Open to all City public school students in grades K–12, the School Wellness Poster contest recognizes City students who showcase their creativity, originality, and artistic talent through artwork or photography in ways that promote the importance of physical education, health instruction, and wellness programs. One winner and three runners-up are selected from each of the three major grade levels (elementary, middle, and high school), and each honoree’s designs are then displayed on the DOE’s website, printed on posters in schools citywide, and placed inside other promotional DOE materials, including wall calendars and banners.

Congratulations to Jose Vasquez,  Grade 4 winner from P.S. 90.