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“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is positive involvement of parents” -Jane D. Hull

As the school year winds down, most kids eagerly look forward to the long, leisurely days of summer vacation. But for parents of teens, summer can be a worrying time. That’s because kids are more likely to experiment with first time substance use during the summer months, when they’re enjoying all that free time (and less supervision).

This week on we’re rounding up some of our best resources on drugs and alcohol. We answer questions about the effects of marijuana, give advice for setting clear boundaries, and discuss the importance of an open and honest relationship that makes kids more likely to come to you if they have a problem.

And because teens with mental health and learning issues are more likely to abuse substances, we also included advice for helping kids who might be at risk.

— Rachel Ehmke, Senior Editor,


P.S. 100’s Donuts for Dads.

Mr. Sherif Salib, Contractor Manager DYCD Literacy Program and Ms. Berman and Lederman Jewish Community Council paid a visit to PS 100 to observe our ESL site. 

P.S./I.S. 288’s parents had a blast at their  Parent Painting Party on May 12, 2017.


PS 329’s parents, staff and students participated in their Annual Parent, Staff and Me Basketball Game on April 25, 2017.



P.S./ I.S. 238’s Parent English Language class was created to help their ELL parents learn to understand, speak, read and write English. In addition, they focused on building confidence and improving communication skills when using the English language.


P.S. 216 hosted their first family pajama movie night on March 24th, 2017! The event was a huge success, many families came out in their comfiest pajamas and watched the Peanuts movie. The children had a blast just hanging out, eating popcorn and having fun. All of the donated funds went towards their Pennies for Patients fundraiser. They raised over $250.00, making our grand total over 4,700!!!




On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 PS 212k hosted their 1st Annual Family Science Night to over 250 families. Mrs. Lieggi & Mrs. Dror did an extraordinary job organizing this event with lots of help from teachers, paras and staff who volunteered and helped put everything together for our families. The parents and students were so excited to explore the variety of science stations and share what they’ve learned with each other and their teachers. They’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for them next year.








In September P.S. 100 launched an ESL program with The Jewish Community Center. Many of the parents did not speak any English. Thanks to P.S. 100 and The Jewish Community Center’s  Rivak Berman, Ms. Suraia Alekperova, an adult ESL learner, read a Dr. Seuss book to her son’s third-grade class on Read Across America Day”



P.S. 215K Pre-K students share their work with their family during Writer’s Celebration


P.S. 215 PreK parents and their children created original t-shirt designs



At PS. 95 families have the opportunity to enjoy many fun events. At these events families spend quality educational time together on weeknights and weekends!  PS. 95 partners with many agencies and community based organizations to share their wonderful educational tools with their families. In February PS. 95 hosted Health and Fitness Family Fun Night. With Zumba, and obstacle course, American Heart Association sponsored Hoops for Hearts with basketball and jump ropes, as well as tennis and gymnastics families were engaged in three rooms learning health and fitness while having fun!

Mrs. Profita teaching Zumba


Mrs. Robinson at the healthy station Yogurt Bar!



On January 30, 2017 PS 212 hosted “Breakfast with the Principal”.  They had over 35 parents come for this event and had FDNY retired Captain Mr. Blocker talk about fire safety in the home. “Breakfast with the Principal” is an informal and safe place for parents or guardians to ask questions, vent concerns or get answers to questions.  Parents can also learn first hand about all of the events and activities taking place at PS 212.



PS / IS 288’s “Math Family Game Night” was a huge success.





P.S. 253’s  ELA Family Engagement Workshop is overflowing with engaged parents





P.S. 215’s Family Enrichment Golf Night was a huge success.



P.S. 177’s, Title III ENL class for parents.  This program meets every Monday from 9:00-11:00 and from 12:00-2:00.  The   ENL provider works with two different groups of twenty-five (25) second language learner adults over eight weeks.  This year, they will service 150 parents.


P.S. 215’s PTA purchased a book for every child in their school.

PTA Books.jpg


On December 6, 2016  David A. Boody parents and students enjoyed a workshop hosted by DAB in conjunction with Keys to Abundant Life.  Do You Have A Sweet Tooth? workshop helped parents and students understand the negative effects of sugar.



The P.S. 215’S  “Safety First” Series has provided  parents with workshops from NYCDOT “Vision Zero”, and “Hands-On” CPR Workshop presented by the FDNY.A fundamental mission for the FDNY is to protect the lives and property of New York City residents and visitors. This is done through many programs offered by the FDNY that focus on the City’s most vulnerable populations, including children. Through the FDNY Fire Safety Education Program, members teach strategies that reduce fire deaths and injuries, while focusing on fire prevention. As part of our P.S. 215’s  “Safety First” Workshop Series, Lt. John Fiumano of the FDNY provided our parents with an informative presentation and FREE KIDDE (10 year battery life) combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


fire safety.jpg


Family Science Night at P.S. 215

science 3.png



All City students/families have free online access to Microsoft’s Cloud service & Office Online: