School Events

summer in city

Summer in the City and Title III summer school students at I.S.228 experienced their first field trip to the Prospect Park Zoo on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. For many of our students, it was their first time visiting a zoo !!!. The excitement and smiles on their faces were awesome.


The extended summer school hours enabled our children to really explore, engage, investigate, and search the various animals at the zoo.  The hands-on experiences made it a memorable and powerful learning experience. 


Parent Coordinators from   P.S. 90, P.S. 97, P.S. 100, P.S. 101, P.S. 128, P.S. 153, P.S. 177, P.S. 199, P.S. 212, P.S. 215, P.S. 216 & P.S. 253  host a My Student account activation event and Cook Shop workshop, for their parents.

Summer Site P.S. 216 host a “My Time” workshop for parents.



Parent Coordinators from PS/IS 95, PS/IS 99, PS 121, PS/IS 209, PS/IS 226, IS 228, PS/IS 238, collected food for our local food pantry.

Food Drive Parent Coordinators


Summer site IS 228 hosted a “My Time “ workshop for parents.


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