School Year 2017-2018 Highlights


PS 100’s wonderful ELL teachers, Ms. Sherman and Ms. Weiss, hosted a family workshop to discuss strategies on how parents can  prepare their children for the NYSESLAT  test.

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Parents and children create beautiful Spring art in P.S. 215.


Health and Fitness Night in PS/IS 95 was a huge success. Families enjoyed a yoga classes, gymnastics and basketball.


Parents and students fill their buckets at P.S. 216’s Leader in Me celebration.


Hands on cooking classes in PS 177 brings families together on Saturday mornings.


I.S. 96 Seth Low invited the FDNY to teach free compressions-only CPR classes to their parents.  Parents learned the practice essentials of CPR and what to do during the event of cardiac arrest. From giving 30 compressions to using the automated external defibrillator (AED). The program is taught by certified FDNY EMS personnel. They have successfully trained thousands of New Yorkers in compressions-only CPR



On February 7, 2018, community and district representatives joined PS 212 for their VIP 2018 Read Aloud Day.


Families from all over the world came together at P.S. / I.S. 226 this January to celebrate with one another. It was a night filled with delicious food, laughter, and most importantly love during P.S. /I.S. 226’s Annual International Food Night. It’s wonderful to see all of our families coming together to learn more about each other and sample food from different countries.



Amazing turn-out for P.S. 253’S PTA Meeting and “Saying “No” to Children” Parent Workshop.



PS 216 & Edible Schoolyard NYC celebrated Fall Community Day!   As part of their Guest Chef program, parents shared cultural recipes through hands-on demonstrations and tastings.

Two parents in their kitchen classroom making a Pakistani dish called aloo gobi, which is a spiced potato cutlet. They made over 300 for the event!




Parent engagement at P.S. 216 has been on the rise over the last year! They had a fantastic turn out for their first P.T.A meeting of the year, over 50 parents attended. They also held multiple family events so far such as back to school night in which over 350 parents attended; they celebrated “Dad’s Take Your Child to School Day,” in which over 300 dads participated, and they helped parents access their student account in which over 35 parents attended. Since strong family ties is such an essential piece of the D.O.E.’s framework for great schools.P.S. 216 has implemented multiple ways of outreach such as email blasts, a school remind account, a school website, and a school twitter account. In addition, their wonderful P.T.A plays a vital part of their success; The school’s Parent Coordinator Mallory Figuera works hand in hand with the P.T.A and they try to collaborate with most of our events because teamwork makes the dream work!


P.S. 100’s Annual Celebration of Grandparents

The more love children receive from adults, the more likely they are to be successful. Grandparents play a crucial role in supporting their grandchildren by showing interest in their lives, listening to them, encouraging them and giving them advice.



Kudos to Maria Belkadi, PS 212, Brooklyn


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PS 212 Chapter Leader Maria Belkadi has made creative use of the School-Based Option process, one of the many rights the union secured in the UFT-DOE contract, to make it possible for UFT members at the school in Gravesend, Brooklyn, to be more actively involved with parents and community in after-school and weekend activities

“The SBO is such a useful tool because it allows us to alter the contract in specific ways that work best for us and for the whole school community,” said Belkadi.

When polled at a chapter meeting in February 2017, an overwhelming majority of members attending supported Belkadi’s proposal to reconfigure the time set aside each week for parent engagement and the timing and format of May parent teacher conferences.

The PS 212 SBO committee set about redesigning the traditional May parent teacher conferences as a Super Hero Literacy Night in May that brought 400 families into the school for an evening of activities. So successful was the literacy event that the school passed another SBO in October to organize a Math Night in November, with the support of parents and the school’s PTA.

Belkadi also ushered through an SBO that allows PS 212 teachers and paraprofessionals to use the 40 minutes they must devote each week to parent engagement to volunteer for parent-involved after-school activities such as Math Night and the PTA Halloween party in November.

“The time trade has been very successful,” she said, in particular for teachers who find the flexibility helps them manage their parental responsibilities.

A teacher at PS 212 for 19 years, Belkadi has led the chapter for nine years.

“The SBO changes have given us flexibility and a chance to engage with students and families in a different way that is very positive,” said teacher Gail Hyman. “Maria has built a strong chapter that works really well and that supports and fights for us.”




After many years serving on District 21’s Community Education Council Heather Fiorica is beginning  a  new chapter in her life. On behalf of all the families in District 21 thank you for your endless dedication. Good luck on your new adventure, we wish you well.


The borough honored residents Tuesday, January 16,2018

The borough honored residents on January 16, 2018, who volunteered during hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria at a ceremony as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Heroes of the Month.

Marie Yvette Abreu, a teacher at P.S. 216, says she raised more than $600 at her school to help victims. She and her colleagues took part in the United Federation of Teachers’ Operation Agua, which raised money to buy water filters for storm victims.




Seth Low’s Debate team competed at Susan B. Anthony Middle School in Queens at their first debate tournament of the year. Students debated the topic: “On Balance: Should the United States federal government require all U.S. citizens 18 years or older to vote?” Students argued, reasoned, and eventually won many of their debates.

Students: Kayla Nicholas, Yelena Lucero, Sulail Zahra, Edona Zuka, Ryan Betancourt, Gabriel Quirino, Richard Sucuzhanay, Amira Ravshanova



The mural IS 281’s  students created in their after school NIA Program is currently being displayed at The Brick Showcase in Downtown Brooklyn.  The design was student created around the themes of diversity, excellence and equality.  Special thanks to Mr. Richtback, their NIA Program Director and Ms. Patel, NIA’s teaching artist.  The mural will be brought back to Cavallaro and hung in the main lobby with pride.


The Robotics team of Joseph B. Cavallaro I.S. 281 competed in the Navy Sea Perch Underwater Robotics competition on April 15th at City College. The competition was focused on water conservation. Out of the 35 teams competing, the Cavallaro Tech Toads won 1st place in the underwater robot obstacle course, with the fastest time of 1.56 minutes.  They tied for 2nd place in the challenge and presentation, missing first place overall by only 1 point. Last year, the Tech Toads won the championship having the opportunity to compete nationally at Georgia Tech University. Still in all, we are very proud of the work the students of Cavallaro are doing around STEM technology.



Annual Math and Science Night at Seth Low was a fun filled event! Families participated in different hands-on learning activities, experiments, and STEM games. Thank you to The Hall of Science, Seth Low’s partner through Urban Advantage  for providing the evenings activities.


Families of David A. Boody  enjoyed an evening filled with science, technology, engineering and math. STEM Night was a huge success.

PS/IS 288 is coming home with three National Champions (two with All-American Honors), a team of scholar-athletes that all ran their personal best times and a wonderful group of proud parents. Great things continue to happen at PS/IS 288.


















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